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OUR MISSION: To provide services and supports to people with barriers to attain self-direction, inclusion, personal fulfillment, and productivity in all life areas.


DSI Industries - Seymour

Services & Supports

DSI Industries - Seymour

DSI Industries in Seymour is the center of many programs, activities, events, and learning experiences in Jackson and surrounding counties.

All DSI services are carried out by trained professional staff who follow the consumers Individual Program Plan based on his/her short and long-term goals. Guardians and family can also play an important role helping the client reach their greatest potential at home, work or in the community.

The facility provides an integrated working environment whereby consumers can acquire practical work skills and earn a paycheck through assembly, packaging, collating, sorting, and inspection.

DSI in Seymour also offers many Facility-Based Habilitation choices including Behavior Therapy, Music Therapy, Personal Enhancement Program PEP, Recreational and Leisure Activities, Wellness and Exercise, Drama and Theater, Photography Club and Fine Art.

DSI provides pre-vocational, job training & placement, as well as follow-along services for individuals who seek community-based employment.



Freeman Field
1820 First Avenue
Seymour, IN 47274
(812) 522-7676